Conveying the Art of Life

Jesus Christ is the one person who walked in the total authority and power God originally intended for mankind.  He is our example of how to be an overcomer in this world and how to walk in the authority He has given us.  Christ conveyed the art of life!

Conveying life’s experiences is the basis for many avenues of artistic expression and writing is among the many.  With words, you have the opportunity to grab your audience’s attention and to make a great impression.  Even more, you speak into a life.

Rolita seeks Godly inspiration to write expressions of worship and lessons of love.  She uses life experiences and Christ-centered principles to enlighten, empower and to encourage by writing blogs, stories and poetry.  Her goal is to convey the art of life.

Probing the Woman’s Curse

Probing the Woman's Curse

If you are like a lot of women, you’re probably struggling to understand, clarify and establish your value, roles and authority.  At the same time, you desire to be loved, appreciated and honored.  Most women are not aware that they are striving against the effects of a curse.  In this must read book, A. Rolita Adams explains the woman’s curse, its domino effects and how to position yourself for divine purpose.  Read more about Probing the Woman’s Curse by clicking the title or the image above.

What some people are saying about Probing the Woman’s Curse

Lindsay H., Fishkill, NY said, “Five Stars.  Revolutionary!  A. Rolita Adams has definitely been given divine insight into the spiritual reasons that create conflict and contention between husbands and wives, and how that struggle has spilled over into home and church life.  God lead me to research this topic about two weeks ago and in so doing I discovered this book.  My life as a believer, woman, wife and mother has forever been affected as a result of this book.  Praise God, I am free!”

Sandra G., Chicago, IL said, “It’s so intense.  It’s really good.  It’s worth having a girls’ social discussion.  I definitely think men should read this book to have a better understanding about the purpose of a woman.”

Kimberly L., Conyers, GA said, “As women it can be a challenge to embrace our life-long journey.  When we make a conscience decision to move, develop, and mature each and every day we are called to a higher standard.  God’s lessons will never cease to come to us…but have you ever stopped and wondered why a particular lesson continues to haunt your existence?  A. Rolita Adams brings clarity to this question through sound biblical teachings and relatable personal stories.  “Probing the Woman’s Curse” helps us embrace life with all its trials and tribulations.  By the end of the book we realize that defeat is not an option! Victory has ALWAYS been ours!”

Janet C., Roswell, NM said, “If you ladies get a chance you should try and read Miss A. Rolita’s new book Probing the Woman’s Curse!  Very insightful little book!  Great teaching!  Good for the new woman in Christ and also the older woman in Christ.  The starting of how HE really meant for it to be! Good Read! Thank you Miss A. Rolita.”

Transformational Talk

A. Rolita Adams is a passionate, inspirational writer always mindful that she is speaking into a life with her writing.  With that understanding, her goal is to edify, enlighten, empower and encourage those who hear her speak as well.  

For more about Rolita’s speaking, please click on the “About” page.


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